Vertical Solutions
A company specialized
in work access

Since 2013, Vertical Solutions, a company of the Celestis Group Inc., has been specializing in difficult access, confined spaces and specializing in elevation.

Below, some videos presenting the company Vertical Solutions through TV shows such as, JOBS de BRAS, but also during different construction projects we have carried out, like welding work in confined space carried out here, on the BAFFIN LANDS. As well as a presentation of our TRAINING CENTER.

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Versatiles cordistes

Our experienced team is able to offer you a full range of services. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with a solution. Our radius of action allows us to travel in the greater Montreal area and more

Work at Heights

Work at Heights

The intervention of Vertical Solutions’ men-spider teams enables the restoration and security of buildings and infrastructures, while avoiding blocking the traffic of vehicles, unlike usual methods with more cumbersome and costly pods.



Formation Vertical Solutions offers fall protection courses, as well as rope support and rope support formations. Our training cordists have a solid professional background and a pedagogical approach that values safety.

Resale of specialized products

Resale of specialized products

At Vertical Solutions, we are also authorized to sell specialized products. That’s why, if you need professional quality man-spider equipment, don’t hesitate to visit our online shop.

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The areas served by our spider-men

Today, most of Canada’s largest construction companies rely on the services of stringed technicians to increase responsiveness, flexibility in management and minimize costs.
At Vertical Solutions, we have the experience and essential skills to meet the specific needs of various business lines.

Urban Environments

Vertical Solutions specializes in difficult access work in urban areas. Often, the use of string techniques increases responsiveness and allows companies to save costs from leasing expensive equipment or licence applications.

Civil Enginnering

Civil works such as overpasses and bridges are part of the infrastructure that may require repairs or inspections at locations that are difficult to access. In order to facilitate these interventions, Vertical Solutions offers to carry out many of these works using their string support technique.


Many industrial buildings have chimneys or other structures of considerable height. The quickest and most effective solution to reach these hard to reach areas and carry out work is without a doubt to call on our cordists.

Vertical Solutions :
a concern for safety
always present

Work at heights requires constant vigilance and equipment in an impeccable condition. In addition, every move and manoeuvre must be carried out according to specific techniques, ensuring that our cordists are not at risk. In this sense, the Vertical Solutions team always works safely, regardless of the project. Our IRATA and SPRAT accreditations reflect our safety concerns. These bodies have the task of legislating work on strings.
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We have been established on the Island of Montreal since 2013. Our premises are located in the Mercier-Hochelaga district, from which we can easily travel throughout the metropolitan area.