Vertical Solutions
Our Story

Vertical Solutions, from the CELESTIS. INC group, was born in 2013

It is the fruit of the ideas and work of its president, Sébastien Coly. With his past as a climber and his experience in the ropes, he undertook various training courses in Quebec to be able to offer the best to his clients. Thanks to his European experience and his Canadian achievements, he was able to take advantage of the best of these two worlds and that’s how Vertical Solutions came into being. After lots of efforts, the company is now prosperous and growing. The team now has several members on a daily basis and is proud to offer you many services.

Voici quelques vidéos dans lesquelles vous pouvez découvrir les débuts de la compagnie. Notre participation au jeu concours, dans l’émission de l’OEIL du DRAGON. Le concours ESTIM que nous avons remporté dans les catégories meilleure entreprise en démarrage et coup de cœur Desjardins.

Ce qui nous motivent

Fier du travail jusque là accomplit, Vertical Solutions œuvre chaque jour dans le milieu des travaux en hauteur. Ainsi nous mettons un point d’honneur à réaliser dans les meilleurs conditions, tous les projets que nous entreprenons.

Nous prenons le même soin pour chacun de nos clients et leurs projets.


Proud of work up to now Vertical Solutions works every day in the middle of work at heights. That is why we make it a point of honour to carry out all the projects we undertake to the best of our ability.

We take the same care for each of our customers and their projects.


Sébastien Coly

CEO And Founder of Vertical Solutions Company

Matthieu Peroy

Project Manager and Technical Provisor

Cécile Carpentier

Executive Assitant


Matthieu P.

Simon P.
Project Manager

Lancelot P.
Technician on rope

Pierre B.
Technician on rope

Julien L.
Technician on rope

Arnaud L.
Technician on rope

Nathanaël B.
Technician on rope

Simon D.
Project Manager

Sébastien H.
Technician on rope

Alex M.
Technician on rope

Jean-Sébastien H.
Technician on rope

Fabien V.
Technician on rope


Our team is pleased to welcome you to our new facility at 405 Dickson Street.


The company is equipped with vehicles in the company’s colors.

Vertical Solutions Vertical Solutions, is involved in start-up projects to help them achieve their goals.Recently, we have been involved in the design and manufacture of the RAFALE II Class-C ÉTS. catamaran

This young team, through hard work and determination, has succeeded in making its project a reality, so the RAFALE II catamaran was born in 2018.

We continue to follow them and wish them all the best as they continue their adventure.

Trouvez-nous facilement

Nous sommes implantés sur l’ile de Montréal depuis 2013. Nos locaux sont situés dans le quartier Mercier-Hochelaga, d’où nous pouvons aisément nous déplacer dans toute la région métropolitaine.