Service of works
In height

At Vertical Solutions, we propose an effective, economic and security alternative in the dilapidated methods sometimes used to realize works in height.

 Underestimated in Quebec, work on ropes represent a beautiful opportunity for the works difficult to access. The use of scaffolds, nacelles, forklift trucks or cranes are simply favored by habit, by misunderstanding of the works on ropes or by fear of the danger. Nevertheless, there are certain cases or there is no other possibilities of access to the scene of work than ropes. In this cases, the use of rope techs becomes the perfect alternative.

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Various works which can require the services of cordistes

For certain types of specific works and also to save important expenses in logistics and materials, more and more circles use the services of technicians in support on ropes for any sorts of tasks.

Urban works

Urban works

  • Deglazing and snow clearing of roofs, on ropes
  • Purges of facades and masonry, painting
  • Cleaning of windows, silos and high pressure
  • Inspection of buildings (pictures, taken by statements)
  • Installation of systems anti-birds
  • Advertising pose of covers, neon signs
  • Clearing, cup of trees, pruning
  • Advises, control, expertise
  • Rigging on TV studio sets, cinema
Works In industrial environment

Works In industrial environment

  • Repair and inspection of wind turbines
  • Taking action
  • Test NDT
  • Inspection and weld of industrial fireplace
  • Works in closed space
Works in civil engineering

Works in civil engineering

  • Works on bridges and viaducts
  • Strengthening of cliffs
  • Installation of protective wire nettings
  • Operations in maritime and river environment

Procedures of intervention in height

The works on ropes are sometimes perceived as being precarious, acrobatic or risked. Some people think that these practices are illegal. Nevertheless, it is about a practice strictly supervised.



All the members of our team are certified in particular by IRATA and SPRAT, organizations which have for mission to legislate the works on ropes. This accreditation follows upon a training of one to several weeks teaching all the security techniques, the use of the appropriate equipment and the elementary notions concerning the factors of fall.


Certified anchorings
By engineers

Another element of the works in height which must not be left at random is the quality of the anchorings which trusts cordistes. This way, each of our anchorings is minutely studied by an engineer before beginning however operation in height it is.



In situations where the life hangs by a thread, it is important to be able to trust its material. That is why every part of equipment which we use to realize our works in height is approved by the Canadian Association of normalization (CSA) or by the national American Institute of normalization (ANSI).

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